Market Harborough May 08

Round 3- South Midland Centre Adult Motocross Championships at Market Harborough

Report: Fraser Law

Photos: James Beeby

Northampton Motorcyclists Club hosted Round 3 of the SMC Championships at Airfield Farm, Market Harborough on a hot sunny May day. At the start of the day the track was in perfect condition after lots of grading and rain on the previous two days. Usually run on traditional long and natural tracks, this venue provided a complete contrast for the series. Here the racing was all about braking, sliding and jumping as riders had to get to grips with the tight supercross style circuit. As a result the racing was close and intense from start to finish, with smaller capacity machines at little disadvantage. The new addition of club championship classes to the programme meant at least 6 races for everyone.

The Expert class was somewhat depleted due to a clash with the MMX series, but Ryan Griffiths and Mark Boswell fought closely all day at the front of the Junior A races. Mark was never quite able to reel in mast starting Ryan who took victory in all 3 legs. Running with the Experts, the Junior A group always had a couple of pace-setters out front to chase. A second place followed by a win gave David Dunn overall victory from Nick Phillips who could only manage third in race two despite winning the initial encounter. Trevor Bird won both Junior B finals followed by consistent finishing Stephen Cole, with John Barnes in third.

In the Over 40 class the closeness of the racing was never more apparent with little more than a few yards separating the first three in all races. Fraser Law took the win first time out, but was unable to sustain this in the second leg after a trip through the ropes on the last lap dropped him to third. David Grimshaw came through to take victory in the 2nd and 3rd legs and secure the overall win. Richard Wright fought hard all day to finish a very close third. In the Over 50's Nigel Miller took a hat-trick of wins from Mark Hammersley who was a close second in all three legs, and Reg Willis who took third overall getting faster as the day went on.




Expert: 1 Ryan Griffiths, 2 Mark Boswell

Junior A: 1. David Dunn, 2 Nick Phillips, 3 Jordan Wright, 4 Ben Davis, 5 Adam Collins, 6 Tony Bayliss

Junior B: 1. Trevor Bird, 2 Stephen Cole, 3 John Barnes, 4 Gary Burn, 5 Kevin Turnbull, 6 Chris Hackett

Over 40: 1 David Grimshaw, 2 Fraser Law, 3 Richard Wright, 4 John Freeman, 5 Kevin Turnbull, 6 Chris Hackett

Over 50: 1 Nigel Miller, 2 Mark Hammersley, 3 Reg Willis, 4 Andrew Brightman, 5 Gary Burn, 6 Pete Chapman

*Under 30: 1 Matt Willis, 2 Dan Holmes, 3 Todd Bucknall

*31-39: 1 Mark Boswell, 2 Ryan Griffiths, 3 Simon Stebbings

*125: 1 Jordan Wright, 2 Fraser Law, 3 Adam Collins, 4 Matt Willis, 5 Trevor Bird

*Workers: 1 Fraser Law, 2 Reg Willis, 3 Brad Willis, 4 Mark Hammersley, 5 Stephen Cole, 6 Gareth Hampson

*Club championship only

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