Long Buckby 8/3/09

Northampton Motorcyclists Club- Open Motocross (featuring Club Championship round 1)

Long Buckby National Track 8/3/09

Report: Fraser Law

Pictures: motoxphotos.co.uk

NMCC got there season underway last weekend with a good turnout of riders at the popular yet demanding Long Buckby National Track. It was good to see lots of new faces mixed in with the club regulars, making the racing fast and unpredictable. Unpredictable would also be a good way to describe the dayís weather conditions. The start of the day saw bright sunshine and clear blue skies, accompanied by the ever-present Long Buckby wind. Never seeming to rise much above -5 degrees even in the middle of summer, the wind had a particularly fierce bite to it on this occasion. The rugged hillside course ran extremely well in practise and the first few races, but as if to prove the forecasters right the clouds rolled inevitably in.

What followed seemed more like Northern Siberia than Northamptonshire. Heavy driving rain followed sunshine, followed rain. The pattern continued all afternoon, with horizontal freezing hail storms and snow thrown in for good measure. Whilst some riders clearly struggled with the changing conditions, others revelled in the extreme going. At times just finishing a lap seemed cause for celebration.

Mark Boswell started the season as he means to go on, winning the first dry Expert race with style on his new Honda. Dale Raynor finished a close second from Paul Edge and Ryan Griffiths. However in the much stickier second race, it was Ryan Griffiths in familiar Woolly conditions that won by some margin from Paul Edge. Third place was enough to give Mark Boswell the overall victory.

In the Junior class Alfie Smith and Nigel Kibble proved unbeatable, taking a win and a second place each. First overall went to Nigel by means of his second race victory. Behind them Sam Robinson and Jamie McCarthy traded third and fourth places, finishing in that order on the day. In the newly introduced Clubman class James Hanson was in a class of his own, probably the Junior class to be honest and no doubt thatís where heíll end up next time out. Some distance behind him a closely fought battle saw Richard Lowe take second overall with consistent podium finishes, from ever-enthusiastic Barry Swain and Rob Bull. The 125 class saw fast Junior Sam Robinson take maximum wins, though Simon Stebbings put on a fine performance to finish runner up.

In the age group classes, Ryan Griffiths took a maximum two wins in the Under 40 class. Jon Benfield rode fast and consistently to finish second ahead of Simon Stebbings once again. The Over 40 class win somehow went to a seriously under achieving Fraser Law ahead of run away second leg winner Barry Swain.

As usual the club ran a workers race with a handicap start. The somewhat partisan nature of the handicapping always provides more argument and discussion than the race ever could. On this occasion David Frankland took full advantage of his luck at the start and ran away with the win.

The club would like to thank the Landowner for the use of the venue, and the marshals and officials who bravely stuck to their posts in the most appalling conditions.


Experts: 1 Mark Boswell, 2 Ryan Griffiths, 3 Paul Edge, 4 Dale Raynor, 5 Michael McClurg, 6 David Frankland

Juniors: 1 Nigel Kibble, 2 Alfie Smith, 3 Sam Robinson, 4 Jamie McCarthy, 5 Jake Grossman, 6 Jon Gutteridge

Clubman: 1 James Hanson, 2 Richard Lowe, 3 Barry Swain, 4 Rob Bull, 5 Giles Agar, 6 James Chambers

125: 1 Sam Robinson, 2 Simon Stebbings, 3 Adam Collins, 4 Matt Willis, 5 Brad Willis, 6 Fraser Law

Under 40: 1 Ryan Griffiths, 2 Jon Benfield, 3 Simon Stebbings, 4 Jonathan Lee, 5 Matt Willis, 6 Michael McClurg

Over 40: 1 Fraser Law, 2 Barry Swain, 3 Giles Agar, 4 Richard Lowe, 5 Kevin Turnbull

Over 50: 1 Reg Willis

Workers: 1 David Frankland, 2 Reg Willis, 3 Fraser Law, 4 Matt Willis, 5 Stephen Cole, 6 Chris Livesey


Club Championship results to follow



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