Crick 17/5/09  SMC Champs Rnd 2


South Midland Centre Motocross Championships 2009- Round 2, NMCC at Crick

Report: Fraser Law



Round two of the 2009 SMC Championships took place at the famous Crick International Motocross Arena, under dramatic and fast changing skies. Heavy rain during the two preceding days left the circuit in a perfectly watered condition. The new track layout utilised the central mound to better effect and featured three long attack sections on the natural whoops. This gave rise to many different lines and potential passing places. The fast changing weather conditions meant that no two races were quite the same, some taking place in brilliant sunshine, others in torrential rain. Between the showers the track dried quickly, changing from slippery and testing  to dry and tacky, sometimes within the passage of a single race.

What followed was fast and close racing, with the lead changing constantly and any number of riders with a chance of winning.

Ryan Griffiths took top spot in the Experts, with a win in the first and third legs and second place in the second leg. Second overall went to Paul Burn, who bounced back from a problematic first leg to win the second and take runner up in the third. Paul Edge took third with three consistent top four finishes.

In the Junior A group, Jared Pickford and Jamie McCarthy both took a win and a second place each, Jared getting the overall by virtue of his win in the second leg. Showing some of the younger riders how its done, Tony Leishman fought hard for third overall from smooth riding Adam Collins in fourth.  Similarly in the Junior Bís, Richard Lowe and Trevor Edwards also traded wins and seconds, with the overall going to Trevor. Russell Grey took consistent thirds for the final podium position,

Leishmans took overall victory in both the over 40 and Over 50 classes. In the Over 40 class Tony took three wins, despite the lead changing a number of times in the dramatic final race. During a dramatic downpour most of the front runners both lead and made mistakes in the closing laps, though it had little effect on the overall positions. Fraser Law finished second in front of a Steve Bottoms and Richard Wright.

Reg Willis won the first two Over 50 races despite riding with a shoulder injury, but mistakes in the final leg gave Archie Leishman overall victory, with Bob Mott in third.

Adam Collins won both legs and took the overall win in the 125 class. Despite coming under pressure and being passed in the final leg by Fraser Law and Stuart Scott, he was able to regroup and take back the lead.  The Under 40 class gave another overall win for Ryan Griffiths, who excelled in the technical conditions. Paul Edge won the first two legs, but failed to finish the last. With so many dropping out of the final leg this was still good enough for second overall, from Christian Livesey in third.


Expert: 1 Ryan Griffiths, 2 Paul Burn, 3 Paul Edge, 4 Mark Boswell, 5 Dale Raynor, 6 James Barnwell

Junior A: 1 Jared Pickford, 2 Jamie McCarthy, 3 Tony Leishman, 4 Adam Collins, 5 Barry Mitchell, 6 Trevor Bird

Junior B: 1 Trevor Edwards, 2 Richard Lowe, 3 Russell Grey, 4 Kyle Reeves, 5 Dan Holmes, 6 Thomas Rose

Over 40: 1 Tony Leishman, 2 Fraser Law, 3 Steve Bottoms, 4 Richard Wright, 5 Steve Gilbey, 6 Nigel Smith

Over 50: 1 Archie Leishman, 2 Reg Willis, 3 Bob Mott, 4 Andrew Brightman, 5 Martin Raynor, 6 Paul Williams

125: 1 Adam Collins, 2 Fraser Law, 3 Stuart Scott, 4 Matt Willis, 5 Bill Brightman, 6 Helen Morgan

Under 40: 1 Ryan Griffiths, 2 Paul Edge, 3 Christian Livesey, 4 Michael McClurg, 5 Matt Willis, 6 James Barnwell

Workers: 1 Trevor Bird, 2 Fraser Law, 3 Martin Streeton, 4 Matt Willis, 5 Louis Knibbs, 6 James Chambers

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