2011 Club Championships Trophy winners

All of the below receive trophies at our Presentation Night on Saturday 4th Feb. 2012


1st- Trophy Andre Baldet- Ryan Griffiths

2nd- Dale Raynor

3rd- Mark Boswell



1st- Reliant Cup- Fraser Law

2nd - Brad Willis

3rd- Adam Collins

4th- Ben Huckerby

5th- Jamie Scott



1st-  National Benzole Trophy- Dan Holmes

2nd- Gerard Scott

3rd Ashley Rilings

4th- Andrew Green

5th- Hayley Rilings

Under 40

1st- Thornton Trophy- Ryan Griffiths

2nd- Dan Holmes

3rd- Gerard Scott

4th- Sam Trolley


Over 40

1st- Arnold Payne Trophy- Fraser Law

2nd- Adam Collins

3rd- Richard Lowe

4th- Andrew Green


Over 50

1st- Reg Willis

2nd- Andrew Brightman

3rd- Nick Bragg


2 Stroke

1st- Cath & Bob Jones Trophy- Bill Brightman

2nd- Mark Bland

3rd- James Higgins

4th- Louis Knibbs



1st- Workers Cup- Fraser Law

2nd- Andrew Green

3rd- Dan Holmes

4th- Gerard Scott


In addition there are some other cups for specific events-

Spokes Cup- Dale Raynor (best Expert at Badby 13/3/11)

Britten Cup- James Herring (best Junior at Badby 13/3/11)

Griffith Cup- David Frankland (best Expert at Silverstone 22/5/11)

Griffith Junior Cup- Chuck Davies (best Junior at Silverstone 22/5/11)

Peter Bennie Cup (Expert)- Ryan Griffiths ( Best Expert at Long Buckby 11/9/11)

Peter Bennie Cup (Junior)- Adam Collins ( Best Junior at Long Buckby 11/9/11)

Margaret Anderson Bowl- Fraser Law- (Best Junior at Long Buckby 30/10/11)




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