Airfield Farm 12/7/09  Club Champs

Report: Fraser Law

Pictures: Joe Marston

Airfield Farm, Market Harborough was the venue for Northampton Motorcyclists Club’s latest club championship round, and for once the weather forecast was amazingly accurate! Heavy rain forecast for late Saturday night arrived on the hour, leaving the track in perfect condition by Sunday morning. The soft, grippy and smoothly graded surface was inevitably transformed by the harsh July sun as the day progressed. The tight supercross style circuit became hard and fiercely bumpy during the course of the afternoon.

Michael McClurg dominated the Expert class with three straight wins. David Frankland took second overall with second in the first two motos. Mark Boswell and James Barnwell traded positions all day, however second place in the final moto gave third overall to Mark. In the Junior group Adam Castledine took another maximum for the overall win. In second place Steve Gessner got quicker as the day went on, obviously enjoying the dry and rough conditions. Sam Robinson finished consistently third.

In the Clubman class Kevin Turnbull fought his way to the front in race one and consistent top three finishes in the other two motos were enough to give him overall victory. There was a closely fought battle for second overall between Dan Loveday and Andrew Brightman. Dan finally overhauled Andrew in the final moto but it was too late to stop Andrew taking second overall. Adam Collins’ victory in the final 125 moto gave him the overall win from consistently fast Trevor Bird. Stuart McClurg rounded off the podium after a fine second place in the final encounter. Sam Robinson and Steve Gessner traded wins in the first two legs, but opted to miss the final race in the hot demanding conditions.

Next to the age group classes- A second hat-trick of wins for on-form Michael McClurg in the under 40’s gave him 6 victories in one day. James Barnwell took second in all three motos from David Frankland in third. There was never more than a couple of feet separating Nigel Smith and Fraser Law in the Over 40 class, with the lead changing many times in all three races. Nigel took the first leg after a broken gear lever slowed Fraser in the last few laps. However Fraser took the following two encounters, surviving a last ditch charge from Nigel in the final corner to take the overall. Clubman winner Kevin Turnbull finished third. Andrew Brightman won all three legs of the Over 50 class on the big ktm, Reg Willis finished consistently second from Dale Raynor.

Thanks to everyone who helped to run the meeting, with particular thanks going to Mrs Frankland for lapscoring all day in a very warm caravan.



Expert: 1 Michael McClurg, 2 David Frankland, 3 Mark Boswell, 4 James Barnwell

Junior: 1 Adam Castledine, 2 Steve Gessner, 3 Sam Robinson, 4 Adam Collins, 5 Mark Sandle, 6 Brad Willis

Clubman: 1 Kevin Tunbull, 2 Andrew Brightman, 3 Dan Loveday, 4 Michael Stock, 5 Thomas Rose, 6 Jamie Nelson

125: 1 Adam Collins, 2 Trevor Bird, 3 Stuart McClurg, 4 Steve Gessner, 5 Sam Robinson, 6 Fraser Law

Under 40: 1 Michael McClurg, 2 James Barnwell, 3 David Frankland, 4 Mark Sandle, 5 Matt Willis, 6 Chris Livesey

Over 40: 1 Fraser Law, 2 Nigel Smith, 3 Kevin Turnbull, 4 Stephen Cole, 5 Giles Agar, 6 Garry Hillyard

Over 50: 1 Andrew Brightman, 2 Reg Willis, 3 Martyn Raynor, 4 Paul Williams, 5 Chris Knapp


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